Behind the Brand, Pella Guild by Juliana Playter


After a decade of feeling disconnected from my identity – as if I was the passenger in my own life, I had to find all of the puzzle pieces on my own through trial and error in all facets of life. This exhausted time, tribulations, and much energy in order to make myself whole again on my own. I then had an epiphany: I am not alone. I had lost myself, and it was time to recover. But how? I wished there was a “one-stop shop” where I could go to find the right tools, support, and resources needed in order to heal in every element of life – to continue my journey with the strength, complexion and the euphoria we all deserve.

I realized on my healing expedition that I would indeed find it a perplexing odyssey to which I would cognitively experience that which can only be apprehended specifically in a certain manner. This would include self-encounters, mindfulness and awareness of my environment outside of my physical and emotional sentient being, as well as introspection – all geared toward total enlightenment. I discovered there are many others who felt similarly. Many individuals are without the right tools, support, and resources; shuffling their way through life, thinking they are fine yet feeling departed, overwhelmed, and disconnected from themselves and the world. There has been a gap for full service personalized support amenities for far too long. I approached my trusted partners who I specifically chose for myself along my journey, with this “one-stop shop” idea. Collaborating together, we developed a strategy to build a guild of seasoned, trusted professionals to connect and care for each individual with personalized services.

Thus, Pella Guild was born; A guild carefully curated professionals to empower individuals by providing the right tools, support, connections and resources – all personally selected for every facet of life.

behind the name

The word “Pella” [пела], inspired by my Macedonian roots, was one of the regional units in Macedonia. It was named after the ancient city of Pella, which was the capital of ancient Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great. Our logo displaying a Honey-Bee in a hexagonal hive represents experience, skill, wisdom, ethics, sociability and industrious teamwork, all striving for the same goal.