About Juliana Playter


juliana playter

Personal Life

Juliana Player (Juli) was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario to Zdravko and Liljana Lozanovski.  As a first generation Canadian, she had spent her childhood as a member and volunteer of St. Clements of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church, with her family and community.

throughout her life, Juli has always continued her education. Knowledge is a privilege Juli feels strongly about. In her own words, knowledge and experience are internal possessions nobody could ever rob you of. Without these notions, one cannot be made whole.

In 2015, Juli married the love of her life, Wes Playter, after years of being together. The two had the unprecedented delight of welcoming the joy of their life to this world, their daughter; Millicent Angelique Playter the same year. Since Birth, Millicent has actively participated in community events with her mother and has often attended the couple at work (Roadhouse & rose Funeral Home) and has sowed her own seeds in her early garden of life. She has developed into an intelligent, empathetic and kind soul that bestows each and every person she meets.

The happy family currently reside in Newmarket, Ontario in a historical family home built by a distant third cousin, 4X removed, Dr. Edward Playter in 1872. Over the span of Millicent’s life thus far, they have restored the home and furnished it with original antique furniture and treasures purchased from an original Playter family home in Toronto Ontario in 2013.

Currently, the three work in unison and are most often inseparable. Juli and Wes’ greatest pride in life is and always will be their daughter, for she was their greatest creation and always will be.


Juliana graduated High School in Toronto at Pope John Paul II CSS, and completed a Digital Animation and Design Diploma as well as Fashion Studies at Centennial College.  Juliana is an ongoing student originally from York University studying Psychology and currently in the process of transferring to the University of Toronto to continue her studies toward her interest in Psychology, Philosophy, and Writing.


Juliana’s professional background is vast, from Marketing, Branding & Public Relations in the Fashion Industry, working alongside Canadian Fashion Designer Linda Lundström. From there, she was offered an opportunity to delve into the mortgage industry, excelling in her career at the Bank of Nova Scotia as a Financial Advisor. She later began working alongside her husband, Wes, at Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home in Public Relations, where she became heavily involved in the community.

Juliana’s passion for people, community, peace, equality, and kindness, has created a sense of charm to her own brand and publicity. Her love for people sparked the idea to start her own business, Pella Guild.


  • Member of Provincial Parliament’s Leading Women, Leading Girls Award Recipient, 2017 (Hon. Chris Ballard, MPP, Minister of Environment and Climate Change)
  • Member of Parliament’s Canada 150 Award Recipient, Newmarket-Aurora ~ Community Service, 2017 (MP Kyle Peterson)
  • Business Women’s Network of York Region ~ Networking Award Recipient, 2018

Community Involvement

Juliana continues to deepen her involvement within her community as well as with various charities, and her name is a common trademark tone in the community. She actively works closely with / sits on several committees in the community, participates in fundraising & community events, and much more.